Cisco Live 2018 Orlando Diaries #1

Date 11/6/2018

Place Orange County Convention Centre , Orlando Florida

Hello Folks, If you are in the world of Network engineering then I am pretty sure that you must be knowing about Cisco live conference. Cisco Organises this confrence to advertise about its vision about the future of network, meet partners and customers and discuss their challenges, share technical knowledge with customers and network enthusiasts, introduce new products and technologies and so many other things. Its like a huge network fair, where you get to see so many new things and all of it is just mindblowing.

I got chance to be there for CLUS2018 in Orlando and I would try to summarize my experience in this and few upcoming blogs.

This time the conference was held in Orlando City , FL. If you know about weather in Orlando you would know that it almost rains everyday. So in the evening of Sunday i.e. just before the kickoff day we had a nice rain in the evening and not only that…the main attraction was the beautiful Dual rainbow and I have seen all networking nerds forgot about Cisco Live and started taking pictures of the rainbow.

Cisco live rainbow


It was really beautiful to see this and it remained like this for more than 10 mins.

Anyways, On day one when you reach there you need to register yourself and get ID card which permits you to attend all the sessions, booths etc. You need to keep the badge with you all the time as for every session you attend or every solution booth you stop at , this badge will be scanned. ALSO if you loose the badge, you need to pay $100 to get a new one…so better grab on to it!!

Once registered you are a free bird inside the convention centre. But better you plan it before that where you want to go, else you would be lost between so many options and would not be able to take full advantage of the conference. On Day One so much happens, specially some great talks from the executives like Chuck Robins (Cisco CEO) etc. You should always find time to listen to them because they kind of tell you where you should focus in your career.

Apart from this there are so many attractions like below :

  1. BreakOut Sessions : These are 90 Mins or 120 Mins sessions where a Cisco employee (mostly) will be delivering a technical session.
  2. World of solutions : This is the most famous section of Cisco live because as the name suggests, this place literally will have whole networking world into it. You would find almost all major players in networking here. All of them would have their booths and keep on explaining visitors about their offerings. You can ask any number of questions and discuss anything about their product. I really enjoy being at these booths also because they provide nice goodies if you listen to them 😛
  3. WISP(WalkinSelfPaced) Labs : This is another cool place where you can learn so much. Cisco employees build configuration or troubleshooting labs and provide you lab manual to walk through the lab. You can choose from the 100s of listed labs and just spend a good quality time in this section. These labs are picked by Cisco looking at the current market trend so be assured that you will learn something new here.
  4. DevNET Zone : You might have heard about DevOps. DevNET zone in Cisco Live is targeted for people with interest in programming. So you would find Cisco guys explaining so many cool stuff that you can do with Cisco gear in terms of programmability. These are small sessions and in few of them you will get a laptop on which you can test what the speaker has explained then and there, which is the best part of it.


I will discuss about few of the Cool booths that I have visited in my upcoming blogs. Please stay tuned. Thanks for visiting.


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