Cisco ISR 1100 WebUI Introduction

Cisco has been a CLI company but a huge paradigm shift is coming up which is pushing every vendor to adopt a centralized controller based approach, which is majorly GUI based.  Work is no longer the same for network engineers. You need to know much more than CLI configurations to stay in business. Talking of CLI if you have seen old Cisco web interface for the routers then you would know why I am using the word USELESS for it 😀 . Unless you do not install an application like CCP(Cisco Configuration professional) or buy Cisco Prime you did not have a proper GUI. May be Cisco did not think on GUI before because it had plans to push their products like CCP and Prime, who knows what is the truth…lets leave aside the business here we will concentrate on our topic.
WebUI, new feature on cisco devices where Cisco has finally provided an awesome GUI to start with. The configuration is a cake walk and feature works like a charm. The GUI interface also has many options for configuration, debugging and management.For now this is supported only on ASR1000 and ISR 1100 routers.
See the configuration below :
!transport-map type persistent webui WebUI
username c!sco privilege 15 password 0 c!sco
!ip http server
ip http secure-server
ip http authentication local
transport type persistent webui input WebUI

You can access the router GUI just by entering the IP address in browser.

http://<IP address of the router interface>   ----> For HTTP
https://<IP address of the router interface>  ----> For HTTPS
Make sure the device is pinging from the PC from where you are accessing the WebUI interface. Also make sure all the firewalls etc in the network are allowing the HTTP and HTTPS port.
Once all is well, you will see following nice and tidy home page for the router. Where a good information about the device health can be seen.
Cisco WebUI Dashboard
WebUI Dashboard

In the troubleshooting section we have great tools like ping and traceroute and they provide very detailed information about the path.

Cisco WebUI traceroute
WebUI Traceroute

This is the ping tool , check out the details it provides.

Cisco WebUI WAN Ping
WebUI WAN Ping

And the show stealer is the configuration part. I have deployed more than 50 lines of application visibility configuration with just 3 clicks and see the results below…I have highest amount of facebook traffic in my network , no wonder I am a looser!!

Cisco App Visibility
Cisco Application Visibility WebUI

I have recently made a video for a cool feature in WebUI, Now with WebUI you can upgrade/downgrade or upload/download files to/from router WITHOUT tftp,ftp.SCP etc. Check this video on YouTube:

I think this is enough for you to start exploring the  new era of web interfaces for Cisco router. Have fun!!

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Stay tuned and happy learning.

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    1. Hi Prabha,

      c1111-8p is member of ISR1100 family. The method should be same as explained in blog. Are you facing issues while doing it ?
      For port forwarding if you are talking about NAT port forwarding, yes it does support.

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