GNS3 : IPSec lab Ticket 1

ISSUE : After enabling IPSEC between both the routers, the EIGRP is not coming up.Once you are able to establish adjacency. Please make sure that the SA is in QM_IDLE state between R1 and R2 with the use of command : #Show crypto isakmp sa #Show ip eigrp neighbor You may find R1 config here… Read More GNS3 : IPSec lab Ticket 1

IPSEC …baiscs and configuration/troubleshooting lab

As we know that IPSEC is one of the most common technology for VPNs today. Its powerful security techniques and efficiency makes it very powerful that all its supported across all the vendors. Basically IPSEC is like a security template where you put your security components eg. encryption techniques, hashing techniques, authentication techniques etc …basically… Read More IPSEC …baiscs and configuration/troubleshooting lab