Streaming Telemetry : Cisco IOS-XR and Pipeline

Streaming telemetry is the next big thing in network monitoring. Mostly all the vendor found it immensely powerful and quickly integrated it with the devices they had. Streaming telemetry is becoming popular because of following key differences it has in comparison to the SNMP based model.

  • It relies of PUSH rather than PULL model. Which makes it less resource intensive on the network device.
  • It uses efficient methods to transport data to the telemetry receivers, like TCP,gRPC etc. Also in case of gRPC, TLS can also be integrated which makes the data transfer secure and reliable unlike the SNMP based model.
  • The format of data transfer (encoding methods) is very efficient and can transfer large data in while using very less network bandwidth.

Following 3 videos talk about an open source telemetry receiver tool named pipeline. Also I have included the configuration which is needed for on the IOS-XR router for the purpose of telemetry streaming.

Git hub link for pipeline :


Part -1


Part -2 :



Part -3:


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