Advance Netconf explorer(ANX): A Complete NETCONF tool

Its been a while we have  been talking about netconf and trying to convince the masses that NETCONF is going to replace SNMP in coming days. This is presented vendors with a huge need of integrating NETCONF support in their gear. Mostly all the new releases from all the major vendor support this protocol and keep integrating onto it. However for network engineers like me, I need to understand the protocol by practicing it. I must see and configure a working end-to-end NETCONF setup to understand it. Although there are many tutorials available which can help you to understand the basics but there is not much tooling available(popular) for getting your hands dirty. Well, ANX or Advance Netconf Explorer seems to be solving this problem. This is a great open source tool provided by Cisco which can be used to browse NETCONF on Cisco IOS-XR devices. Apart from simple NETCONF support it also provides support for gRPC and GNMI telemetry stuff. I had an awesome experience with this tool. Following is the githhub   and youtube video link which can help you to get started with this.

Git :

Youtube :

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