GNS3 : IPSec lab Ticket 1

ISSUE : After enabling IPSEC between both the routers, the EIGRP is not coming up.Once you are able to establish adjacency. Please make sure that the SA is in QM_IDLE state between R1 and R2 with the use of command :

#Show crypto isakmp sa

#Show ip eigrp neighbor

cisco Ipsec site to site vpn gns3 lab
Site to Site VPN

You may find R1 config here R1_config.

You may find R2 config here R2_Config.

I would suggest you to create the topology in gns3 and try to figure out the answer.

Just for the sake of completion I am putting few points

How you may find the solution :

1- Check for the log messages.

2- Check for the crypto keys at both the ends

3- Check for the access lists configured for the interested traffic at both the end.

Thanks for reading this …in case you have figured it out, please share your experience in comment section, also if you are struck please let me know.

Happy Learning!

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