My 100th Post!!

Some milestones are very tough to achieve, even though you know that a small step can get you there but taking that small step is sometimes very difficult. Reaching this 100th post is somewhat the same experience for me. I have taken many months to write my 100th Post , I could not figure out what should I write. Months to write my 100th post !!! indeed challenging!!!

I remember I was pumped up when I finished my 99th post, I had at least 5 future posts in my draft. I was thinking continuously, labbing consistently, and then ……we had to go through a personal challenge and the motivation was never the same, life was different. We all have to go through something that changes the course of our lives, few of us never feel the same motivation and cannot get the courage to come back. I am fortunate that I was able to make a comeback. I am fortunate that I am ready to structure my thoughts and get on to it “One More Time!!”

So much has changed since my last post, The world has changed …now the corona virus is a thing of the past, people are talking if the AI robots are going to take over the world, chat gpt is releasing new versions and content creators are trying to figure out different ways to stay ahead of it, some are saying originality can beat AI some are saying we should learn to work shoulder to shoulder with AI, Russia, and Ukraine are on the war, inflation is making central banks to increase repo rates due to which the fear or recession is haunting us all, almost every day we hear news about layoffs, supply chain, and semiconductor issues are almost solved, India has landed on the dark side of the Moon, Another solar mission is on its way to point L1, WFH era is almost over some are longing to come back to the office(believe me!!)…… but like always world has equally big challenges to deal with. Above all these, I have noticed that the world has evolved, people are tackling their challenges in a much better way. We understand the value of standing together and the value of standing for each other.

Professionally, I have ventured into Data centers and got a chance to learn Cisco ACI. Had some hands-on experience with Cisco Crosswork NSO automation too and so many other leanings. But the most exciting thing that happened recently is that I got to spin up my own lab. Now, I have an ACI DC fabric, and the experience of setting up something from scratch is truly amazing. I hope that I will use the lab to share my knowledge more.

I have learned that among all , being there for each other is the most important thing in life. I must say that I got all the help needed without even asking for it. I learned how to be there for others when needed.

With this I will stop my 100th post. Have a good day!

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