Cisco IOS IP NAT Trouble Ticket 1

NAT (Network Address Translation) is widely used technology which solves many problems like enabling internal hosts(private IP address range) to communicate with outer world, adding an extra security layer by hiding internal IP address etc. In this blog post I am going to discuss a small but widely common NAT issue. Please see the following … More Cisco IOS IP NAT Trouble Ticket 1


IPSEC …baiscs and configuration/troubleshooting lab

As we know that IPSEC is one of the most common technology for VPNs today. Its powerful security techniques and efficiency makes it very powerful that all its supported across all the vendors. Basically IPSEC is like a security template where you put your security components eg. encryption techniques, hashing techniques, authentication techniques etc …basically … More IPSEC …baiscs and configuration/troubleshooting lab